Wise Guys Ltd. Ken is British and was born on 31 January 1950.  He holds an MA degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge and an MSc in Science and Technology Policy from the University of Manchester.  After leaving Manchester in 1974, Ken held a SCOPE Research Fellowship at Clark University, Massachusetts, prior to appointments at the SCOPE/UNEP Monitoring and Assessment Research Centre in London and the Department of Geography, Leicester University.  His work focused on evaluations of government policy in fields as diverse as drug safety, nuclear power and environmental protection, and on industrial strategies in a wide range of economic sectors.

In 1982 he joined the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at Sussex University, where he founded and led the EGIST (Evaluation of Government and Industry Strategies for Technology) group, and in 1989 he founded Technopolis Ltd., where he remained until he started operating as a freelance consultant under the umbrella of Wise Guys Ltd. in 2000.

In recent years Ken has played a leading role in the provision of high-level advice.  He was the chairman and author of the Expert Group responsible for the report that underpinned the European Commission’s Action Plan for Investing in Research in 2003.  In the same year he mentored the Irish response to this Action Plan, sat as a member of the UK’s academic panel advising the DTI and HMT on its Innovation Review, and wrote and presented the declaration of the European Conference on the Benchmarking of National Research Policies in Athens.  In 2004 and 2005 he acted as Rapporteur to the Expert Group on Public Research Spending and Policy Mixes that supported CREST in the implementation of the Commission’s 3% Action Plan.  He also organised and moderated an informal meeting of Directors General for research and innovation across the EU at the Dutch Presidency conference on investing in research and innovation.  In 2005 he co-wrote and edited the proceedings of the Luxembourg Presidency conference on promoting innovation and competitiveness via a transatlantic dialogue. That year he also led a peer review of innovation policy mixes in three countries as part of CREST’s activities related to the 3% R&D target, and this year he is mentoring the peer review of another six countries.  He is also a member of a consortium conducting further work for DG RTD on the formulation and implementation of efficient and effective policy mixes.  Currently he sits as a member of the High Level Panel conducting a strategic review of ERA-NETs.  He also sits on the management committee of the joint DG RTD/IPTS ERAWATCH initiative and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Council of Transforum, a Dutch initiative to stimulate innovation in the agricultural sector.

Ken is also prominent in evaluation and assessment circles.  Building on early work in the 1970s in the fields of risk assessment and environmental monitoring, and on the evaluation of collaborative R&D programmes during his time at SPRU in the 1980s, in the 1990s he established evaluation as a core competence of the Technopolis group of companies.  In 2000 he authored the Five-Year Assessment of the European Commission’s Framework RTD Programmes.  In 2003-4 he was, amongst other things, involved in evaluations of the Commission’s GROWTH and IST programmes; an assessment of SME involvement in FP5; an evaluation of the Commission’s Action Line on Support for the Development of Science and Technology Policies in Europe; and an evaluation of the impact of FP5 in Ireland.  He also revised the section on the evaluation of R&D and Innovation Policies and Programmes in DG REGIO’s MEANS manual and was a member of the team that conducted an impact assessment of the Commission’s Fifth Framework Programme as part of the last Five-Year Assessment exercise.  Over the next three years he will provide strategic guidance to an impact assessment of DG IST’s FP6 programmes and, for DG Enterprise, take part in a review of benchmarking strategies and methodologies for assessing the impact of R&D programmes on innovation.  Currently he is involved in the impact assessment of DG IST’s FP5 and FP6 programmes; an assessment of the impacts on innovation of all Framework Programmes for DG Enterprise; a review of evaluation methodologies and approaches, again for DG Enterprise; and the setting up of a monitoring system for the Hungarian Office of Research and Technology (NORT/NKTH).

Professional Experience
Wise Guys Ltd.
    •	Founding Director and Owner, 2000 - 

Technopolis Ltd.
    •	Founding Director and Owner, 1989 - 2000
Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex
    •	Senior Fellow, 1982 - 1993
Geography Department, University of Leicester
    •	Research Fellow, 1978 - 1982 
Monitoring and Assessment Research Centre, University of London
    •	Research Fellow, 1976 - 78 
Geography Department, University of Worcester, Massachusetts
Geography Department, University College London
Institute of Environmental Studies, University of Toronto
    •	SCOPE Research Fellow, 1974 - 76 
Department of Liberal Studies in Science, University of Manchester
    •	Post-graduate Student, 1971 - 74 
Selwyn College, University of Cambridge
    •	Under-graduate Student, 1968 - 71
Ken Guy