•	Preparation of a presentation to the annual eris@ conference on FP6 and Regional Information Societies
•	Leader of the evaluation of the Dutch National Research Programme on Global Air Pollution and Climate Change
•	Chair of session at a DG RESEARCH conference on The Contribution of Socio-economic Research to the Benchmarking of RTD policies in Europe, Brussels, March 15-16, 2001
•	Partner in team helping to develop a regional information society strategy for South East Ireland
•	Presentation on the concept of European Added Value and the results of the last Five-Year Assessment exercise to the 2001 Annual Monitoring Panel for the Framework Programme 
•	Member of the team responsible for the audit of the JRC, with specific responsibility for auditing IPTS
•	Member of the EU STRATA-ETAN Working Group on Benchmarking National RTD Policies: The Impact of RTD on Competitiveness and Employment
•	Member of consortium responsible for a DG RESEARCH project aimed at the assessment of the socio-economic impact of the Framework Programme
•	Quality control expert on the team responsible for assessing SME impacts in FP5
•	Strategic advisor to the consortium responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of the EU Competitiveness and Growth RTD Programme
Projects and tasks commencing 2001
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