•	Member and Rapporteur of the High Level Panel appointed to evaluate the EU ERA-Net scheme
•	Paper on the evaluation of Foresight exercises presented at IPTS, Seville, September 2006
•	Mentor for the joint IPTS/CREST review of policy mixes in six countries
•	Rapporteur for the EU and Six Countries Workshop on Globalisation, Helsinki, September 2006
•	Mentor for the Peer Review of R&D and innovation policy mixes in EU countries as part of the third cycle of the OMC drive to increase R&D investment to 3% of GDP
•	Keynote presentation on Experiments in Policy Learning to the Six Countries workshop on Innovation Policy Learning, Stockholm, May 2006
•	Appointed official rapporteur for the Six Countries programme of R&D and innovation related workshops
•	Rapporteur for the Austrian Presidency conference on Technology Platforms, Vienna, May 2006
•	Chair of a session on New Frontiers at the Austrian Presidency conference on New Frontiers in Evaluation, Vienna, April 2006
•	Member of a consortium benchmarking strategies and methodologies for assessing the impact of R&D programmes on innovation, supported by DG Enterprise
•	Advisor to the Hungarian National Office for Research and Technology (NKTH) on the design and implementation of a project and programme monitoring system 
•	Member of a consortium conducting a research project for DG RTD on the monitoring and analysis of policies and financing instruments conducive to higher levels of R&D investments
•	Member of the Scientific Advisory Council of Transforum, a Dutch initiative to stimulate innovation in the agriculture sector
•	Member of Monitoring Panel for the Industrial Research Investment Monitoring (IRIM) project coordinated by IPTS, Seville
Projects and tasks commencing 2006
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