International Organisations

•	Keynote speaker at DGXII evaluation conference in Helsinki, November 1999, with presentation entitled 'Beyond socio-economic impact evaluation: the challenge for the next millennium'.
•	Construction and operation of ADEPT@Innovation for DGXII, a web-based innovation policy service
•	Preparation of socio-economic impact questionnaires to be completed by all Fifth Framework programme participants as part of the new management information system of the European Commission
•	Preparation of a presentation on the creation of an evaluation culture in Europe for the DGXII evaluation conference in Berlin, 7-8 June 1999
•	Design of the questionnaire circulated as part of the current Five-Year Assessment of the Framework RTD Programmes
•	Presentation on evaluation theory and practice to the EVANET Workshop on New Approaches and Developments in Evaluation, OST, Paris, 25 March 1999
•	UK representative at the DGXII workshop on support policies for science and technology in Europe
•	DGXIII Evaluator for the WeCan project on best-practice dissemination of electronic commerce
•	Review of strategic options for the evaluation of R&D programmes of the European Community for the STOA of the European Parliament
•	Preparation of a paper on concepts underpinning the evaluation of RTD impacts for a DGXII evaluation impact workshop in May 1998
•	Member and Rapporteur of the ETAN Committee on Climate Change and Technology Policy
•	Rapporteur for a DGIII meeting on Electronic Commerce and Socio-economic Research
•	Evaluation of proposals to the European Commission concerned with socio-economic research on Information Society Technologies
•	Presentation on Advanced Technology Programmes to the ESPRIT component of DGIII
•	Preparation of a report for OECD on Advanced Technology Programmes, published in the 1998 OECD STI Review
•	Member of the TSER Advanced Science and Technology Policy Planning Network and co-author of the final report entitled Distributed Intelligence in Complex Innovation Systems
•	Preparation of a paper for an OECD Conference on Policy Evaluation, entitled Technology Diffusion and the Challenge for Evaluation (1997)
•	Advisor to the TAFTIE network of RTD sponsoring agencies across Europe on the preparation of guidelines for the evaluation of national RTD initiatives
•	Member of a team providing support to the Regional Information Society Initiative (RISI), a Commission initiative involving DGXIII, DGXVI and DGV
•	Rapporteur to the 1996 EU Annual Monitoring Panel for the Environment and Climate RTD Programme
•	Rapporteur to the EU Environment Framework RTD Five Year Assessment Panel
•	Short-listed as Rapporteur for the 1996 Five Year Assessment of the EU RTD Framework Programmes
•	Preparation of a review for DGIII on innovation and competitiveness
•	Preparation of a paper for OECD on access to RTD programmes by foreign firms, presented at an OECD Conference in Seoul, Korea
•	Preparation of a paper for DGXII on the evaluation of regional technology initiatives, presented at the RESTPOR Conference in Brussels
•	Presentation on the future of the Information Society to members of the European Parliament involved in preparing the 5th Framework programme
•	Leader of team to design a self-monitoring system for DGXIII RITTS programme
•	Leader of the evaluation of the Inter-Regional Information Society Initiative (IRISI), a Commission initiative involving DGXIII, DGXVI and DGV
•	Advisor to DGIII on Industrial Innovation
•	Leader of the Evaluation component of the joint RITTS/Evaluation/Feasibility study conducted in the Uusimaa region of Finland
•	Development of an approach for mapping and monitoring the development of Techno-Economic Networks, for use in the management of DGXIII technology transfer and regional development schemes
•	Development of methodological approaches for the evaluation of science parks, for use in the DGXIII Science Park Evaluation Scheme
•	Leader of an international evaluation of the DGXIII Science Park Consultancy Scheme
•	A review of best practice S&T programme management across the Commission, conducted for DGXIII
•	Organiser, mentor and editor of the proceedings for an EU conference on the role of technology transfer projects in the innovation process, held in Luxembourg in February 1995
•	Preparation of a paper on lessons for S&T programme management for a Commission conference on the management of collaborative R&D programmes
•	Review of technology demonstration centres and activities in Europe for DGXIII
•	Preparation of a paper on new approaches and continuing needs in innovation policy for the Six Countries programme
•	UK representative in the DGXIII Public Observatory on IT Policy
•	UK representative in the DGXII SPEAR networks
•	Leading a five partner multi-national team to evaluate the SPRINT Specific Projects Action Line for DGXIII of the Commission
•	Advisor to the European Court of Auditors on its evaluation of the EU ESPRIT programme
•	Development of best practice technology diffusion models for the World Bank
National Organisations

•	Leader of the Expert Group evaluating the Argentine National Institutes for Industrial Technology

•	Presentation on the evaluation of the Fifth Framework Programme to the Technology Evaluation Platform, Vienna, 23 March 1999
•	Evaluation of Austrian participation in the Framework programme and review of European RTD policies for the Austrian Ministry of Science, Technology and Art

•	Presentation to the Australian Department of Industry and Science on European Innovation Policies
•	Support to the Danish Agency for Trade and Industry (EFS) in redesigning the evaluation process for members of the GTS network of applied Research Institutes, core-funded by the Danish state
•	Contribution to the BMFT Meta-evaluation study of evaluation practice in Germany
•	Leader of an evaluation of 11 RTD programmes in the Energy area for TEKES, the Finnish technology agency
•	Leader of an evaluation of five TEKES programmes concerned with Digital Media
•	Leader of an evaluation of the Finnish electronics design and manufacturing R&D programme
•	Leader of an evaluation of the TEKES FinSoft (software) programme
•	Leader of an evaluation of the TEKES Functional Paper (pulp and paper) R&D programme
•	Leader of an evaluation of the British Council-supported Joint Research Programmes
•	Evaluation of Greek Companies for the Support of Industrial Research and Technological Development, for the Greek General Secretariat of Research and Technology
•	Preparation and delivery of an evaluation training module for Greek policymakers
•	Preparation of a framework reviewing the implementation of IT in government departments for the Greek Government

•	Provision of evaluation training and start-up support to the Indonesian Government in establishing an evaluation function for science, technology and related programmes

•	Leader of the evaluation of the organisation and impact in Ireland of the EU Framework programme, completed in September 1999
•	Preparation of a paper and policy advice to the Irish Science, Technology and Innovation Advisory Council
•	Mid-term evaluation of the Irish Advanced Manufacturing Technology programme for EOLAS, the Irish science and technology agency
•	Review of developments in the electronics and IT sector in Israel 

•	Advice to the Malaysian Government on the development of a national R&D funding strategy and its implementation
•	Presentation to the Dutch Ministry of Transport on the relevance of innovation policy in the transport sphere
•	Review of Dutch activities and policies in the area of Artificial Intelligence for the Netherlands Office of Technology Assessment
•	Review of User-Oriented RTD programmes around the world, conducted on behalf of the Norwegian Research Council (NFR) as part of its evaluation of 50 Norwegian programmes of this type

•	Review of best practice technical support services for the Portuguese Industrial Association

•	Evaluation of the Swedish MTD programme on environmentally-friendly technologies
•	Evaluation of Swedish participation in national and European programmes in the road transport informatics area, together with a related Technology Foresight exercise and advice on future policy directions
•	Evaluation of a Swedish national programme to promote the use of IT in the service sector
•	Technology strategy advice to the Swedish Defence Ministry and to the Swedish IT2000 Committee
•	Evaluation of the research and technology diffusion activities of the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries, and development of proposals for improvements 
•	Evaluation of the Swedish Advanced Manufacturing Technology programme for NUTEK, the Swedish science and technology agency
•	Evaluating the Swedish IT4 programme of collaborative, industrial R&D in Information Technology, for the Swedish Ministries of Industry and Defence, and for Swedish Telecom
•	Leader of a six-year real-time evaluation of the UK Joint Council Initiative in Cognitive Science and Human-Computer Interaction
•	Review of multimedia usage by UK SMEs in preparation for the launch of the DTI Multimedia Demonstrator Programme
•	Contribution to an evaluation training programme organised by Evaluation Associates
•	Preparation of the ROAME statement for the DTI Multimedia Demonstrator programme
•	Evaluation of the Seedcorn R&D programme of the Road Transport Laboratory for the UK Department of Transport
•	In collaboration with PERA, a review of the UK Technology Infrastructure for the DTI, with recommendations for the design of actions to strengthen the infrastructure and improve the delivery of technology-related services to SMEs
•	Evaluation of the UK Link programme in Transport Infrastructure and Operations
•	Design and launch of a collaborative R&D programme in the construction sector for the Department of the Environment
•	Strategic advice to the Department of the Environment on its participation in the UK Technology Foresight exercise
•	Strategic advice to the UK Department of Transport on methods for assessing and prioritising among research proposals
•	Evaluation and policy review of the UK Economic and Social Research Council Face Processing Initiative - an interdisciplinary programme of research in psychology, computing and mathematics
•	Member of Steering Committee for the evaluation of the impact of the Framework Programmes on the UK science and technology base, carried out for DGXII and the UK Cabinet Office
•	Production of handbooks for policymakers and participants in R&D collaborations and technology education/diffusion programmes for NEDO and the OECD
•	Consultant to the UK DTI on the implementation of Five Year Forward Looks across the Department and the initiation of the national Technology Foresight exercise
•	Joint leader of the evaluation of the UK Alvey programme of pre-competitive, collaborative R&D, a real-time evaluation for the Department of Trade and Industry and the Science and Engineering Research Council which spanned six years

•	Presentation to the Presidential Stream of the American Evaluation Association, Chicago 1999, on the evaluation of EU RTD activities
Projects and tasks commencing pre-2000
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